08 Nov

Can My Web Host Make My Website Faster?

Can My Web Host Make My Website Faster?


As websites become more and more feature rich, and users demand more functionality from their sites, it’s often hard to find the right balance between satisfying those user requirements and getting the pages to continue to load quickly.

Say you’ve built your dream website, but maybe it’s a little on the slow side. Should you just accept that latency as an inevitable consequence of having a great looking site?


If you don’t want to sacrifice performance, what are the options available to speed things up?

Well, for any website to perform quickly it depends on three core factors;

  1. A Well Built Website.

Efficient code, with no unnecessary plugins or scripts running. Well optimised content, with front-end caching, and/or a CDN if appropriate.

  1. Good Server Hardware

Enterprise grade Solid State Storage (not traditional spinning disks), with sufficient processing power and memory to handle the intensity of the website.

  1. The Server Stack

The server stack is essentially the operating system and installed software. For example, commonly referred to is the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). How the stack is set up can influence website speeds.


So how can your hosting company help improve the speed of your site?

Well, in our experience, the factor that has the biggest impact on speed is actually number 3, the server stack.

A lot of web hosts configure their servers with default settings, making no changes to the standard parameters of the stack.

In fact, the stack can be tuned significantly to help improve performance of applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc.

The truth is it’s so important, that it’s actually possible to get a website running faster on lower specification hardware, if the stack is tuned properly.

If you think your website could use a speed boost, then SharpStack can help you. All our servers are fully optimised, and never configured to default settings. Our stack works hard to make your sites run quickly.

Furthermore, and at no cost, we’ll be happy to set up a replica of your website on our platform, and present you with independent website speed benchmark results, so you’ll know just how much faster your site will be.

Contact our sales team to get your free trial and benchmark test






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