Cutting Edge Hosting from the experts.

Blazing performance, supreme flexibility & superior UK based support.


Fast and secure web hosting for any small to medium sized website. All Inclusive service, fully managed with no hidden fees.

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Perfect if you have several sites to host. Pay a flat monthly fee and add additional sites anytime for no extra cost.

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Race car performance for your websites. Optimised, security hardened and fully managed on new hardware.

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Need something more? Load balanced servers or replication?  Get a tailored solution, proven to perform.

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Slow websites lead to frustrated visitors. This could negatively affect your business reputation, and if you run an online store, reduce your sales. To compete on the internet today, your website has to be be super-fast. SharpStack can show you how.


Malicious attacks on the internet continue to become more frequent; from simple application level hacks in unpatched website software to targeted denial of service attacks. The vast majority of websites lie exposed and vulnerable to a variety of potentially business threatening data compromises or outages.  SharpStack believe that, as a customer, you should benefit from full protection against these threats.


The SharpStack approach is to supply an “all inclusive” hosting service. Unlike many hosts, we don’t just supply the webspace, hand you the keys and run away. We look after every aspect of your solution, pro-actively. This includes offsite backups, monitoring, optimisation and security. All backed by our ultra-responsive, dedicated 24/7 support service.

All-inclusive hosting.

No hidden fees or charges.

Performance optimisation

With Solid State Storage throughout, powerful servers that are never oversubscribed and a fully optimised stack, your website will feel noticeably faster.

One Click Installs

Install the most widely used website software preconfigured and ready to go. With over 100 products and continuous updates, you have access to the latest versions with the latest features.

Secure Backups

All SharpStack customers benefit from an automatic, full back up every day. Your data is sent encrypted to an offsite location. We keep 14 daily versions of your data. Need a file restored? You can view backups and restore files from your control panel, or just ask our support team who will respond quickly and restore for you at no cost.

Full Management

Our “all inclusive” suite of services to compliment your server, including daily offsite backups, full system monitoring of over 30 server alerts, pro-active security and 24/7 support.

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