SSL Certificates

These days, securing your site with an SSL certificate is critical to provide your visitors with peace of mind and ensure that sensitive information is properly encrypted. Not only that, but popular search engines use SSL as a ranking signal, providing an SEO boost to secure sites.

Sharpstack offers a range of SSL certificates to give your visitors confidence, and ensure the highest levels of security when browsing your site.

RapidSSL Single Domain

£50 yearly
  • Protect a single domain (FQDN)
  • Domain validated
  • Fast issuance
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Free support included as standard
  • Ideal for small sites and startups


RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

£200 yearly
  • Protect a single domain and subdomains (*
  • Domain validated
  • Fast issuance
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Free support included as standard


Thawte Extended Validation SSL

£220 yearly
  • Extended Validation “Green bar” certificate
  • SAN support- secure multiple domains (up to 100)
  • Requires a legal business entity.
  • Fast issuance in 1-5 business days.
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Free support included as standard


PCI Compliant Hosting

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a rigorous set of requirements that all sites handling sensitive information must conform to. If you run an ecommerce site, or your site otherwise handles sensitive customer information, including credit card data, PCI compliance is a requirement.

Sharpstack runs a PCI-compliant hosting environment by default, meaning we take care of maintaining the security of your servers to PCI standards.

To become PCI compliant, you need to utilise a PCI vendor who will perform scans for you and certify that your site is secure.

How do I become PCI Compliant?

There are two main components to becoming PCI certified:

  • A scanning company. This is an ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) who is authorised to certify your site to PCI standards. Sharpstack can recommend one if you wish.
  • A PCI-compliant host. This is where Sharpstack can help. We run a PCI compliant, hardened hosting environment, and maintain this according to the most recent PCI standards.

What does the Certification process entail?

There are some simple steps to carry out to become PCI certified. Briefly, this consists of the following:

  • Contract an ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) to carry out PCI scanning for your site, and validate your compliance. We can recommend one if you’re unsure.
  • The ASV will ask you to carry out a SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) which asks you a series of questions about your site and company, and your security procedures. Most of these are straightforward.
  • The ASV will then run a PCI scan. This is a scan of your site for known vulnerabilities and issues, based on:
    • Testing for known exploits and injections for web applications- for example SQL injection and XSS (Cross-site-scripting) attacks.
    • Correct TLS (SSL) configuration.
    • Ensuring server software is up to date.
  • Once this is complete, the ASV will issue a PCI scan report. This will list the results of the scan, including any failures. Should there be any false positives, we can assist in helping you dispute these with the scan vendor.
  • Once the scan is passed, you’re PCI certified!

What does Sharpstack handle for me?

We handle the hosting environment security, including:

  • Ensuring your servers are secure, up to date, and patched against any vulnerabilities.
  • Ensuring any server issues flagged in a PCI scan are remediated. PCI scans are prone to false positives, so we can address these as well, should they arise.
  • Ensuring your server is configured according to security best practices and PCI standards, including the right TLS configuration and cipher suites.
  • Addressing any server-related PCI concerns and queries.

I failed a scan, what do I do?

False positives on PCI scans are common. Because PCI scans run externally, it’s sometimes difficult for scan vendors to properly identify an issue, and some of the methods they use (e.g. software version fingerprinting) can be prone to inaccuracy, particularly with backported patches for software versions.

If your scan reports an issue, don’t panic- Sharpstack is on hand to address any failing points, and we can help you communicate with your scan vendor to remediate any false positives.

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