28 Sep

Free SSD’s

SharpStack officially now offering Solid State Storage free to ALL customers


SharpStack Hosting in the UK are a fully managed hosting provider offering all-inclusive hosting services to web design agencies and eCommerce customers.

The decision to only use Solid State Disks (SSD), means that ALL shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server customer’s benefit from these high performance disks.

So what is the difference between SSD and spinning drives?

Well, older SATA/SAS traditional spinning disks, consist of mechanical parts and these are prone to wear over time. There is lots that can go wrong. We often say spinning disks are like light bulbs. They can blow at any time, and it’s not necessarily the age of them but rather how they’ve been used that determines when they will fail.

Solid State Disks are different. There are no moving parts. This means there is less that can go wrong. It also means they are much, much faster. The enterprise grade SSD’s used by SharpStack offer up to 30 times faster read and write speeds than older conventional drives.

The cost for SSD’s has dramatically reduced in the last few years, particularly consumer grade SSD’s that would usually be installed in PC’s, laptops etc. Many hosting companies use these same consumer standard drives in their hosting infrastructure. The reliability and performance of these is often not that great, and there is a considerable difference between those cheaper drives and the enterprise grade disks offered by SharpStack. For Dedicated servers, customers can benefit from disks ranging from 120GB to 1TB in size. RAID arrays can be provisioned to offer customers larger logical drives for storage.

If you’re looking for a custom dedicated server with enterprise grade SSD storage, there are some sample packages available to view on the SharpStack website here; https://www.sharpstack.co.uk/managed-servers/

For a customised quotation and a tailored server specification, contact the SharpStack sales team at  sales@sharpstack.co.uk



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